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Ethicality if killing a Roach

Ethicality if killing a Roach

I work at a JCC. A kid found a roach and another adult stepped (not enough to kill it or injure it to the point where it can’t live) on it partially, when I walked over he was about to stomp it and I prevented him from doing so. It was an outdoor roach that somehow made it’s way in. Then when I said I was going to put it in a cup and toss the roach outside, a gentlelady argued that it’s suffering and it would be inhumane to leave it alive.

I argued that it would be better to keep it alive because a roach is very durable and can continue to live have it’s roach babies and do whatever it’s purpose is. She then throws out “Do you know what Judaism says about suffering animals?”

I’m converting, so I said, “No, but you know what? I’ll ask my Rabbi.” I tossed the roach outside and it ran away. The very next day after Morning Shabbat services I asked three rabbis and all of their answers were different…

I need an answer help. I’m looking for the portion about Locusts right now. I bet churros on this.

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