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Essay/paper for the Beit Din?

I’m still on the fence of converting, but I’m leaning towards it. I know that if I do decide to convert, I’ll have to tell the Beit Din why I’m converting. I want to be completely upfront and honest about my spiritual journey. It will be too long for a speech. I want to give them a paper that they can read. However, it’s going to be long. Real long. I will include things that I never told anyone before about my spiritual journey.

The question is, how long should it be? I could legit see it being thousands of words long. If I wanted, I bet I could even make it as long as Animal Farm or Of Mice and Men. (About 30,000 words.)

I want to cover ever moment of my journey, but I don’t want it to be over kill. Obviously I’m not going to write 30,000 words, but how long would you recommend the paper be?

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