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Essay: Jews and "Whiteness"

I have been working on an essay for my class about Jews in the Modern media. I go to a Jewish school so I take Jewish studies classes, this is just one among many. The essay is due Monday morning and I’d appreciate some help with the essay. I have 15 pages of content right now. The ideas are all over the place and organization is the weakest part I believe. I’d love some feedback on the content itself and some suggestions for more to write as well as tips on organizations.

Here is the essay:

Some things to know before reading it:

1) This essay is all written under the generalization that the progressive movement bears a negative attitude towards whiteness. This is mostly referring to the far/extreme left so bear with me on that one.

2) I believe I say this in the essay but I am only referring to Ashkenazi Jews.

3) Not everything in it is my own words. There are parts copied from articles online and other such resources. That is allowed within the assignment guidelines.



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