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Espresso martinis on Shabbat?

Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful chagim!

My husband and I have recently started inviting people from our Shul over for Shabbat lunch after the service.

We are well acquainted requirements regarding food preparation for and on Shabbat, but I raised the possibility of making espresso martinis as part of the dessert course with him this week (I have recently discovered them and am in love!).

We do intend to consult our rabbi, but would also appreciate your views on whether or not it is permissible to shake an espresso martini mixture (with ice, in a cocktail shaker) and then strain it (using an ice guard) on Shabbat? We of course would prepare the coffee component etc. ahead of time and use only kosher liqueur – I am just concerned about the separation element. Google seems to be fairly unconcerned about the issue despite it being VERY IMPORTANT as it is cocktail-related.

Thank you!

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