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End Times Prophecies in Judaism?

Disclaimer: I’m not Jewish but I’m not here to proselytize in any way. Any stupid comments I may make are solely due to ignorance, not a wish to be disrespectful or offend.

Christianity isn’t a monolithic religion, and we don’t all interpret the Bible the same way. There are some Christian groups who preoccupy themselves with prophecies in order to predict the coming of the Messiah. Certain biblical verses are used to count how long it is until certain milestones will occur. Proponents talk about the red heifer and the resumption of sacrifices (I assume this requires a third Temple).

There is a Rabbi Chaim Richman who founded an organization called Jerusalem Lights. The info on the website says he has “stood at the forefront of actively preparing for the building of the Holy Temple.”

How common are end times prophecies in Judaism in general? Is an approach like Rabbi Richman’s generally accepted, rejected or ignored?


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