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Encouraging the laws of Noah:

Does Torah tell us to encourage Noahide laws among gentiles?

Hey everyone, so I have one simple question:

Judaism doesn’t encourage conversion (though allows it), since we don’t principally believe in a form of eternal damnation and that everyone is born with their soul and purpose given by HaShem, Jew or gentile.

From my understanding, though, Judaism does tell us to teach the world about the Noahide laws, and bring non-Jews to becoming Ben Noach/Noahides.

How come there hasn’t been much precedent for this until recently, with organizations such as Outreach Judaism, created by Rabbi Tovia Singer?

So far; I’ve had a few people that came from Christianity become Noahides and reject idolatry that is Christianity, who tried to question Judaism and make convert, only for it to turn around on them and they come to Judaism as Noahides, which I’ve heard is encouraged, if not commanded by Torah, though not necessarily historically so, in practice.


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