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Emotional parts of the Torah?

I had read the story of Joseph to my Son a few nights ago and he loved it!!

I think it could quite possibly be my favorite story. So I hung out today and decided to read his story again all they way up to his death. I gotta say: the part where he tells his brothers that G-d sent him ahead of his brothers to save lives. And that it wasn’t them, but G-d who sent him to Egypt, and him running out of the room so he wouldn’t cry in front of his brother really got to me.

Also, of course Pharoahs treatment of his family, and of course the passing of Jacob. The whole ordeal is just extremely emotional but the story itself shows that G-d indeed knows the past present and future. He is benevolent and all factors are aligned with His divine will. Absolutely incredible!

What are some other examples or perhaps your favorite parts that get you right in the feels?

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