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Embarrassed to be Baal Teshuva and now in a bad situation

I’ve been seeing a Frum girl for a little while. Her parents insist on her being with a pious guy.

I’ve been Baal Teshuva for about a year but have been embarassed by my lack of knowledge so she just assumes I’m secular. Thus, we can only be friends. It is clear we both want more.

In reality, I daven 2-3 times a day, I say brachos before and after meals, I study Talmud, and am reading RamBam. I have even been trying to wear tzitzi.

If anything I’m more observant than she is, but it’s just embarrassing since she’s FFB. I wish I had told her earlier.

BZH there is a solution for this. How do I explain this?

And why am I so embarrassed to be Baal Teshuva?

BH in advance.

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