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ELI5: Jewish prayer (many questions)

Hi. I’m a Catholic who wants to satisfy some curiosities about how do you pray. I’ve never met any Jewish person, since I’m from a country in which they’re pretty much nonexistent. So excuse the following bunch of questions:

  1. What does your typical prayer schedule look like?

  2. How do you pray? Do you recite “vocal” prayers? If so, which are the most frequent ones? Do you pray the Psalms? Do you read scripture and reflect on it? Do you approach it from a purely intellectual way? What texts are essential to your faith asides from the Torah?

  3. What does your “relationship” with G-d look like? Do you serve Him as a ‘master’ and pray because that’s what we’re supposed to do? Do you pray in a more ‘sentimental’/mystical way? How do you seek Him in your soul?

  4. Is there any kind of Jewish mysticism? If so, is there any famous Jewish mystic whose writings I can search?

  5. Is there other thing I should know as a Catholic about Jewish prayer?

Thank you very much.

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