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Education about Judaism & the Jewish people?

I have been on a wild ride & only found out who my father was in the last twelve months. I take heavily after his side of the family, and it has provided some context on a lot of comments I’ve had growing up that I look like a Jew… turns out my great grandmother was Jewish. Makes sense. I am interested in learning more, my fathers side of the family is pretty broken so I can’t go there, and I haven’t met any Jewish people in real life. Where would be a good place to start for me to read up about Judaism & cultural customs? Could I just go to a synagogue & attend a service? If I do is there anything I should know before attending? (I.e. should I cover my head? Dress in a certain way as I’m an outsider?). Using my throwaway account as this is a deeply personal journey I’m embarking on so don’t want this freely on my main

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