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During an event in Győr, Hungary, Robert C. Castel, a pro-Russian misinformer with Jewish-Hungarian roots who was born in Romania and lives in Israel, openly praised the leader of the Nazi regime

Full speech (In Hungarian):

English translation: “It’s a bit of a strange irony of fate that Adolf Hitler was the last great European leader in world politics. As a Jew, I say that Adolf Hitler was the last great European leader… and with him, this thing came to an end. So when Germany was divided, it was decided that Germany will never be a global power again. Basically, forces outside of Europe decided what would happen in Europe.”

My opinion: I think he probably meant to say the following – ‘Adolf Hitler was the last European leader who tried to define a new world order starting from Europe’ – but the fact remains that he didn’t say that and his speech contributes to the promotion of hatred and antisemitism in Hungary.

My country, Hungary – the birthplace of Theodore Herzl and Imre Kertesz, just to name a few you may know – was a safe haven for millions of Jews prior to World War II. The rest is tragic history.

What do you know about Robert C. Castel? Why is he spreading hatred again in Hungary? How can we prevent history from repeating itself?

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