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Dumb question re: kashering and mold

I didn’t grow up frum and I’m in a weird place with my rabbi at the moment (google didn’t help).

I had a cardboard box on my kitchen floor filled with new kitchen things. Ceramic dishes, a plastic cutting board and wooden utensils. The ceiling leaked, the box got wet, and I didn’t realize until it smelled like something died in my kitchen. The source was the box, mold had started growing.

I threw out the wooden utensils, because they had mold growing in them. Should I also throw out the dishes and plastic cutting board? I know something being gross doesn’t automatically render it not kosher, but, since mold is toxic I feel like this isn’t the same as a dead bug.


Besides to put my dishes away more quickly. Lesson learned

Edit: thank you all for your help. I decided to throw everything out regardless. Not worth stressing over it forever. I have other dishes

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