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Drinking in different Jewish communities

I had a really interesting conversation with someone today about Simchas Torah who is reconstructionist, and we started taking about drinking culture in Orthodox communities vs other denominations.

I guess she had this impression that Orthodox folks are very strict with alcohol, in my experience it’s really the opposite. She was very confused and said she would never get even tipsy at a shul or at a “Jewish event”. She was also shocked when I said it wasn’t really a big deal to have wine on yom tov/shabbos or simchas around adults while underage. I was definitely shul or house hopping at like 15/16 with friends drinking, and it was never an issue.

Anyway it made me realize that I think Orthodox communities treat alcohol differently and maybe more casually(?) in relation to Judaism and even just life as a whole. I wanted to hear about other people’s experiences/input and see if my experience is unique.

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