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Don’t know if it worked.. But it didn’t hurt

So Dec 7th, my son was diagnosed with an unknown Lymphoma. Surgery was schedule for the next day to get a biopsy.

After we got home from the ER, I felt a pull I hadn’t felt in a long time.

I went to shul and did tefillin.

From that point on, all the news was good news. It was the most treatable lymphoma, the chemo sucked but wasn’t debilitating the whole time, mostly just tired. The 2 month check showed the chemo was working. He graduated college. Got accepted into his dream graduate school.

And then 2 days ago, 197 days from the ER visit. We got the news we were waiting for.

He got the all clear, the chemo worked.

Dr gave him the all clear to eat lox again (no undercooked via heat foods, as he was immunocomprimised).

After we went out for bagels and lox for lunch, I went back to shul to do tefillin again. But this time I used my own tefillin. Never had them before. It wasn’t for me as a kid.

Not sure it worked. But no one can tell me it didn’t..

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