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Dog soiled my Siddur and brought me to Chabad

What a pre Shabbat rush. House was cleaned, challah baked, everything ready to go. I then go to my living room and find my mischievous Chinese Crested puppy horrendously defiling my Mishkan T’Filah. Vomit everywhere.

Now I’m in a suburb, it can be difficult to buy a replacement on short notice without 3 hours of driving. My decision space is limited to either struggling with my printer as it makes terrible noises, or calling Chabad and borrowing a replacement until I can buy a new one.

What a wonderful experience it was to make a help call to Chabad. I spoke with the rabbi, had a fantastic discussion, and am attending shul tomorrow morning at Chabad for the first time. Like many Reform practitioners, it’s always felt a bit of a cultural reach between Chabad and my familiar congregations. That melted away with discussion of Halacha, practice, and my desire to deepen my relationship and education.

Normally when someone says “my dog at me homework” it’s an excuse to avoid responsibility. This time it perhaps led to deepening my connection. Puppies are always good boys.

And now to light and unplug. Shabbat shalom!

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