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Does your shul allow random visitors?

This just happened and I am disturbed. I belong to a small reform congregation and I arrived this morning with two of my kids. I immediately noticed a stranger. I felt a bad vibe just watching him walk up to the door. The security guard and our maintenance ma encountered him and I saw him go back to his car and get in. Ok, I figure he’s leaving and it’s safe to go in. Then I saw him get out and blow past the guard to go inside. The guard followed him in. Our maintenance guy came out to the parking lot so I asked him what was up. He said he was coming to take a picture of the license plate and also call the police. The guy was asked if he was vaxxed and he said no, they asked him to put on a mask and he said no and went inside.

Not a HUGE red flag but if you’re a guest somewhere wouldn’t you be respectful?

My kids wanted to go in so we went in and I saw him sitting there with the security guard next to him and I just felt dread. I got the kids and we left.

My question is would this person have been allowed in where you are? I want to be welcoming of strangers but at the same time I really think our guard should have escorted him out. Things feel extra on edge these days and it didn’t seem worth the (even very small) risk to me to allow this man to stay after he already demonstrated a disregard for our rules.

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