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Does this sound like anti-semitism?

Some Background:

  • I went to visit some extended family a year ago
  • While I was there, a family member said that I kind of look like this Jewish guy on TV (maybe at a glance, but I didn’t really see it)
  • He asked me about my family history, and when I arrive at an ancestor with a Jewish last name, the family member says “found the Jew”
  • He told another family member that I am part Jewish, despite the fact that I am a Christian
  • Family member made a remark about how it’s suspicious that so many American lawmakers have passports to Israel

Fast Forward to Recently:

  • Same family member is insistent that Jews are a race that share common physical features
  • He sends me links to articles claiming that the number of Holocaust fatalities was exaggerated, and that there was actually no targeted genocide against the Jews (the claim from the articles was something along the lines of “there were no gas chambers but some Jews starved towards the end of the war because the Nazis and the Red Cross couldn’t provide enough food”)
  • One of the article links was from Stormfront
  • When pressed on whether or not he’s an anti-semite and what he really thinks of the Jews, family member dodges the question repeatedly and deflects
  • Family member claims that I am over-reacting, and seems to think it is funny that I am disturbed by this; family member claims that there is nothing wrong with using Stormfront to “hear all sides”

What is the best case scenario here? I feel like at best this is mind games and at worst this is softcore anti-semitism. What are your thoughts, and do you have any advice for me? Thanks in advance.

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