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Does this exist?

I thought of an idea for a non-profit that exists for the purpose of funding the restoration, preservation and construction of museums in Jewish historical and cultural sites throughout the diaspora?

For example, I am visiting Poland right now. In an small town that is a former Shtetl, one guy built a strip club (ironically Egyptian themed) that wound up failing. The next owner excavated underneath to build a basement and found an old ruined mikveh from before WWII. For two decades he has been slowly restoring it as his hobby. He is making gradual progress, but the main problem is getting the money to do it. So I thought about an idea for a non profit that could give grants or loans to people specifically for projects like this. Does something like that already exist?

Edit: another example is the Tomb of Zebulun in Sidon, Lebanon. Formerly a major pilgrimage site for Jews, now in ruin and disrepair. While part of that is certainly due to the atmosphere in the country towards Jews, it’s definitely also because there’s no one with the money or drive to take on a project like that.

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