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Does Reform not consider me Jewish and/or do they hate the Orthodox?

I don’t understand Reform at all. I went to Chabad for a few years and they were nothing but kind to me . But a lot of my interactions with Reform have been upsetting. I was physically attacked by a family member who was reform. I tried to join a Reform forum online. I would leave and come back . Every-time I Joined they asked me why I Joined as if I didn’t belong there. I didn’t know how to keep answering that. They ended up banning me for joining and leaving and asking someone why the person eats pork. If I mention anything about Orthodox to Reform people I will get a lot of hate. I was raised secular so I don’t understand. Is it because of the conflicting viewpoints on intermarriage and LGBTQ? I just want to understand in a safe space without feeling like I’m getting attacked. Am I not allowed to be reform since I used to go to Chabad? Also sometimes I feel like I’m not considered as Jewish by Reform since my mom was Jewish and my dad isn’t and on their websites they only consider someone as Jewish if they were raised Jewish and I wasn’t . I tried to ask them directly but I got banned. I keep getting accused of things I didn’t do. Am I not Jewish according to Reform?

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