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Does Quran 3:75 misinterpret Jewish beliefs?

I was reading the Quran recently and came across a verse that described Jews rather negatively.

‘There are some among the People of the Book who, if entrusted with a stack of gold, will readily return it. Yet there are others who, if entrusted with a single coin, will not repay it unless you constantly demand it. This is because they say, “We are not accountable for ˹exploiting˺ the Gentiles.” And ˹so˺ they attribute lies to Allah knowingly (3:75)’

This verse is basically saying that Jews are dishonest when dealing with Gentiles and makes it seem like that is ordained by the religion. I have always heard different and thought that Jews being a “light unto the nations” means that they have to act morally upright so as to serve a role model.

What are your guys’ opinion on this? Are there any lines in the OT dictating how Jews should behave with non-Jews?

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