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Does my buzzcut make me look like a skinhead?

I (20 non binary) shaved my head yesterday, I was meant to get dinner with my mum (50f) tonight but she didn’t want to be seen in public with me because in her opinion I look like a skinhead. She said that as a Jewish person if she saw me on the street she would be quite taken aback and would assume I was a n*zi. I’m wondering if her view may be common? I obviously don’t want to scare people on account of their Jewishness, but I’m Jewish too and I shaved my head as an expression of my queer identity. I’ve also felt safer since shaving my head because I feel like men are less likely to mess with me now.

For context I live in Melbourne, Australia which has the highest rate of hate crimes against Jewish people in the country but is still generally a safe place to be Jewish. Seeing a visible n*zi in public would be extremely uncommon but not totally unheard of, although they are usually identified by their tattoos.

The neighbourhood I live in has a large Jewish population and skews older, and now without my hair I don’t have visibly Jewish features. I thought my style was giving gay but maybe I look like a n*zi to the untrained eye???

TLDR: does having a short buzzcut make me look like a skinhead? Could this be upsetting for Jewish people around me (especially older people)?

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