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Does Isaiah introduce the idea of vicarious suffering?

*Edit: I’ve read the wiki. I’m not trying to identify who the servant is. I’m asking about the nature of the suffering *

The concept of vicarious suffering is pretty foreign to the TANAK and to Judaism. One is generally held responsible for his own actions. Collective guilt can be found all over, but one person suffering in place of another is a radical concept as far as I understand.

That being the case, I’m puzzled by Isaiah 53:6 (JPS Tanak 1917). It seems to imply that the servant (I don’t care who the servant is for the purposes of this post) is being punished to spare the rest of Israel. There is another way I’ve found to read it in which he is suffering along side Israel, but it’s difficult to tell from the text. I’m using the JPS Study Bible. Is there another commentary I could look at?

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