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Does Christians and Muslims believing in Matan Torah, destroy the Kuzari?

I’ve recently spoken to a rabbi who was there to prove to me that Judaism was the true religion. He started off by saying how the fact that Christians and Muslims, which is basically half of the world population, believes that the Jews got the Torah, that in itself should be enough.

He then went with the Kuzari argument which goes like this: people will not believe if you tell them that 600,000 people witnessed something, unless everyone already knew that, so the only way to spread such a story was for the story to have actually taken place.

At the time of the conversation,i told him that the amount of people believing something, does not make that thing true.

I should’ve told him that the fact that Christians and Muslims believe in the revelation, is actually something that destroys his second argument which is the Kuzari.

At least in my understanding, most Christians and Muslims have joined the faith through coercion or missionary work, or they were simply born into it. That itself should already discount the whole argument that it cannot be done. Not only could it be done, but it was!

Am i missing something, or does the kuzari actually fall apart do easily?

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