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Does anyone wear a leather kippah regularly?

I am not a daily kippah-wearer — I put one on at shul and for Shabbat/holidays — and I own many leather kippot left over from various (presumably high-budget) bar/bat mitzvot. I’m sure many are in the same boat, at least in the world of American non-Orthodox Jews. But I was in Israel recently and I don’t think I saw a single leather kippah.

So what’s the story with leather kippot? Who wears them? Does anyone wear one outside of reform/conservative synagogue services? Do any daily kippah-wearers don them? Are they purely bnei mitzvah swag?

BTW, I read this article (linked in another post on this subreddit) and while interesting it did not satisfy my curiosity:

Thanks, chaverim!

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