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Does anyone know how thick the veil in the third temple will be?

I know that the Jews are anxiously awaiting the day they’ll be able to begin construction on the third temple (I’m a firm believer that it will be rebuilt; not here for a debate on that). I know there are things that just occur first before that can happen. I’m not here about those things.

Given that since they know they’ll be able to rebuild it one day, it wouldn’t surprise me at all that there’s likely already some up-to-date blueprints on what exactly will need to be built, and how. I’m sure that this extends to the veil itself as well.

So, given that there’s likely a design already in place for that veil, does anyone here happen to have an idea of about how thick that veil will be?

(Regarding the second temple, I’ve heard accounts that it’s thickness was that of a handbreadth, but another account that it’s thickness was of about four inches. There’s quite a gulf between those two possibilities, so it’s difficult to get a realistic idea of what the thickness will truly be when it is made and installed in the third temple.)

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