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Does anyone have any good online learning tools?

I’m 29 years old and began the conversion process about 4 years ago. A prof of mine and I call ourselves “Conservative-Orthodox” because we’re from an Orthodox Chabad, and follow a lot of Orthodox rules but, because of where we live if you want to go to Shul you have to go to a conservative one. Though I only started the process 4 years ago, I have been interested in Judaism since I was a kid, and when I moved to a big city, far from the prying eyes of my Ukrainian Catholic upbringing, I immediately sat down with an orthodox rabbi who took me under his wing and taught me how to be Jewish. And honestly, I can’t see myself being anything else.

Since being stuck at home, I’ve been attending Shabbat services and seders through a liberal synagogue on YouTube but it’s not the same as going into the shul and praying with everyone, doing kiddush and catching up with everyone. I think what I lack is motivation. I want to use my time wisely, and am trying to really fill in gaps of knowledge, strengthen my Jewish faith and find the motivation I’ve been lacking while stuck at home.

Can anyone recommend a site that teaches Talmud and gives lessons on Torah? Maybe a place to help me learn Hebrew? My Chabad is affiliated with a site, I’m thinking of going to, but I wanted to see if anyone has any other suggestions.

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