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Does anyone else keep there Judaism private due to antisemitism ?

I personally have learned to not advertise my Judaism from bad past experiences. I’m proud of it, but it’s something I like to keep private. It started when I went away to a small college. I wasn’t super open about it, however word goes around.


-someone drew a swastika on me during a college party when I fell asleep on the couch.

-I was talking to a girl who was Palestinian who was very nice and I just to make conversation (did not bring up Israel just normal conversation). Someone randomly came up and said to me “how does it feel that your kind blow up and kill her kind !”

-I had a discussion with someone about world affairs. He brought up how the US should cut off funding to Israeli and said “not to offend you because I know your Jewish.” Note I’m not even Israeli.

  • a guy who I met randomly at lunch that started ranting how he loved the nazis and wish he could have been a guard in a death camp. I’m not exaggerating this I thought I was dreaming. People sitting with us didn’t say anything and we’re indifferent.

Note: I don’t look Jewish, so if someone doesn’t know me like a party guest or Uber, driver, once in a while they will rant on about Jews.

Because of this stuff and much, much, more other crazy experiences I just learned it’s best left to keep certain private information like my identity quiet. Am I going about this the wrong way though ? Or has anyone done the same as me for the same reason.

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