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does anyone else find it frustrating for the lack of sympathy for Israeli citizens and other Jewish people around world?

first i would just like to say- i dont support the Israeli governments actions, and i especially dont support any type of harm towards any Palestinian. and very obviously neither does the rest of the media. but my issue is that anytime there is any of discussion about what many other Israelis are going through, literally everyone i see just says shit like they deserve it and how terrible they are.

and yes ill say this- Israelis have much better protection than Palestinians. But that doesn’t undermine the fact their country is still at war and they’re suffering from that. or the fact that 1600 rockets are getting launched towards their country every day because of what hamas and their government is doing. this has an impact on people.

its so weird because generally everyone is separating hamas and Palestinians, but no one’s doing the same to the citizens of Israel and their shitty government?? the same people who are for innocent lives are quite literally saying innocent Israeli citizens now deserve the horrible things they’re against happening to others?

and from what ive seen there’s now a surge of anti semitic hate crimes outside of Israel to Jews who have nothing do with the actions of the Israeli government…but if you speak up about this you’re giving “all lives matter” energy? i just dont get it. hopefully this makes sense to some people.

anyways my heart goes out to all of those who are suffering from this, i wish this could all be over.

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