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Does anyone else feel like Hashem created antisemitism intentionally?

I’m not saying that this is definitively the case, but I just can’t conceive of an explanation for a hatred that has lasted this long, this consistently, and under so many different insane rationales. It’s so irrational that it’s supernatural.

Other groups have been hated, are hated, and continue to be hated. But the level, longevity and adaptibility of hatred for Jews is different. When a Yazidi lady running from ISIS seeks asylum in America, she’s basically good. Of course she’ll have to figure out how to make a living like any other immigrant, and deal with the standard trauma, but she probably won’t be hated in the new place like she was in the old place.

But when a Jew goes from one country to another, he’s hated both in the old one AND IN THE NEW ONE. Maybe the hatred in the new one is less, for a time, but it’s still there.

When a gay man runs from Iraq to Europe for being gay, European society generally takes him in. Over in Iraq they hate him for being gay and possibly an infidel, but over in Europe he’s just a guy who had a hard time.

But for Jews, the literal rationale for why we are evil changes everywhere we go. For example, the Nazis persecuted Jews for being “Judeo-Bolshevists”. There are reports that after the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, many Jews escaped from annexed Poland into the interior of the USSR. But then just 10 years after the war, Stalin called Jews “rootless cosmopolitans” who were spying for the west. He slaughtered Jewish poets and doctors based on this rationale, and he was likely preparing another mass persecution of Jews before he died.

So we are persecuted for being too capitalist AND too communist. That makes NO SENSE.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Religiosity or lack thereof doesn’t save us either. When the Soviet Union started its persecution of Jews, it worked to strip our religion from us because that was the “opiate of the masses.” But back in the days of the Spanish Inquisiton, we were persecuted for NOT BEING RELIGIOUS ENOUGH, meaning our conversions to Christianity weren’t sincere enough. Even after Jews were forced to become Christian, they still made distinctions between Old Christians and “New Christians” who had come from Jews. The New Christians had restrictions that the old ones didn’t.

The hatred constantly mutates. It’s completely nonsensical, yet it still remains so popular. Even though the reasoning changes every few years. No other group deals with this. I literally cannot name another group that has continually evolving forms of hatred against them.

The only explanation I can think of is that Hashem made this all happen on purpose. To keep us distinct, because if we’re constantly hated and kept on our toes, we stick to our own distinct peoplehood. We remain particularistic and more mindful of our own interests.

Probably cynical, probably a little paranoid, but I think there’s a point to it.

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