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Documentary ‘Sheindi’s Diary’ About Holocaust Survivor Sheindi Miller-Ehrenwald Wins Gold and Silver at US International Awards

Great honor for the BILD documentary “Sheindi’s Diary” – the moving story of a 14-year-old Jewish girl who wrote a diary during her deportation to the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1944. The 35-minute film production by our BILD reporters Christin Wahl and Peter Hell was awarded the Gold prize in the “Biography/Portrait” category and the Silver Award in the “History and Society” category at the prestigious US International Awards in Los Angeles. The US International Awards have been presented in the United States for 50 years and are among the most significant film festivals in the TV, advertising, and film industry. The documentary is freely available to watch on Youtube:

For “Sheindi’s Diary,” Peter Hell and Christin Wahl traveled to the original locations: Galanta, Érsekújvár, Auschwitz, Peterswaldau, and finally to Jerusalem, where Sheindi Miller-Ehrenwald has been living since 1949. Here, she gave the authors her interview and read from the original recordings herself.

The story of Sheindi Miller-Ehrenwald in “Sheindi’s Diary” is narrated by and voiced by actors Iris Berben, Christian Berkel, and Lea van Acken. The technique of “Live Painting” was used to visualize historical events, resulting in a seamless reconstruction of the diary entries.

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