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Documentary Hypothesis/Criticism/Scholarship and Our Scruptures

I recently came across the Documentary Hypothesis (YouTube) and Biblical Scholarship ( and I find it a fascinating secular analysis of our scricptures. I grew up ModOx, then became secular, but then ModOx again. So I was able to see things differently, but also gain a new appreciation studying as an adult.

For me, I was always taught the Tanakh isn’t a history book. It’s the Constitution for the Nation of Israel, and to use it as a history book it heretical. Hence the name Torah ie instruction, not Book of History. The stories in the Torah are teaching mechanism. There is always a teaching message, not grab ahold of small details.

But, I feel in reading scholarship it actually strengthens my faith because it’s not denying, it’s actually corroborates the stories.

For example, if J, E, P, and D are all different people but they have the same conclusion. Sure some intricacies are different, maybe even contradictory, but they aren’t all too far off.

Any one else read scholarship, if so what is your learning experience?

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