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Do you think the requirements to prove guilt concerning a crime punishable by the death penalty would change with a future Sanhedrin?

I’ve been thinking about this one recently. Now despite the many crimes that are punishable by death in the Torah, this was more so a principle than actual practice. Highlighting the severity of the sin.

The Sages and Am Yisrael as a whole have always had a rather unfavourable view concerning the application of the death penalty. The many strict requirements of proof also made it extremely rare and difficult for a death sentence to be handed out historically.

Would this change with a modern Sanhedrin however?

Considering how much criminal investigation has changed and improved in the last 2,000 years. With many new breakthroughs and developments which could clearly prove guilt and provide much further evidence.

So for example, say a murderer was proven guilty without a doubt thanks to modern means. Would that then mean that the Sanhedrin would have to change and update the application of the law? Would the death penalty perhaps be enforced more easily and commonly?

Just a thought, but I’d like to see what everyone thinks about this one.

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