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do you think that in the future the american diaspora will gradually migrate to israel?

so i have been thinking about it for a long time. the american diaspora is one of the main diaspora groups which didnt migrate to israel en masse, and tbh i get why. apart from perhaps cummunity life of living in a place where you know for sure you will never be persucated for being jewish, israel is quite a downgrade to america.

israel being poorer, more dangerous, and having messier politics, alongside america having a very low level of anti semetism compared to the rest of the world, doesnt really “push” many american jews to migrate to israel. infact, it does the opposite, making i wouldnt say many, but a significant number of israelis to migrate to america.

so overall i wanted to hear your opinion, do you think that in the end, the american diaspora will mostly come to israel? or do you think that it will forever stay in “exile”? and what do you think can be done to encourage such migration?

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