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Do you think that hate towards Lakewood, New Jersey could cause exile or violence to the Jewish people there?

If you’re not aware, Lakewood, New Jersey has a huge Hasidic population. People hate the town and blame the Hasidics. The Hasidic population is accused, by a lot of people, of commiting multiple crimes (the Hasidics there are also accused of being terrible drivers). “The problem of the Hasidics in Lakewood” is mentioned a lot imo, probably more than any other “issue”. I’ve seen it on reddit, and I’ve seen it in person, including during group therapy the clients were bashing Lakewood. I made a post about that therapy group a few months ago (I deleted the post) and a lot of y’all were saying to tell the director about how the therapist didn’t stop the conversation which was way inappropriate especially for a therapy community; just letting yall know that one of y’all messaged me asking what facility it was and they actually talked to the director themselves and I heard that the therapist was fired (a client told me this after I left, she could have been lying though). With all the hate that people have for the Hasidic community in Lakewood, do you think that something bad could happen in the future?

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