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Do you guys can recommend some non deranged left leaning content creators?

I guess i dont have to explain what i mean by deranged seeing the state most internet spaces. I’ve being watching a lot of Destiny, one of his latest videos he picked some of Hassan arguments ,maybe this is a bit of a hate watch, but its kind of crazy seeing Ethan (jewish american married to an Israeli) trying to get some sympathy from his “friend” while he’s conceding as little as possible and low key siding with Hamas .

Hes also been researching the conflict on stream to have a more informed view which its not something really common unfortunately. I dont usually watch essays but Jacob Geller has some really well made stuff some of i think are very relevant rn are “the golem and the jewish superhero”

and his essay on wolfenstein where he explains how Nazis changed the forms of expressing antisemitism in America, i actually learned some american history from this one

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