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Do you find the God that is read about and praised during services aligns with your idea of God?

Hello, sorry to reach out during this troubling time. I’m a lost Catholic who has been doing some spiritual searching. For the last month I’ve been reading various books about what jews believe about God. As you are aware there are many opinions on the matter, this is one of the things that attracted me to the religion along with my fathers mother being Jewish. I met with a rabbi and he suggested some more books on the topic of God as this is an area that I’m having some turmoil with.

I attended a Shabbat service last weekend at a conservative synagogue which was 3 hours long. I loved it even though I was franticly reading English translations the whole time. The thing I’m stuck on is the God being talked about in the praises seemed to not be a flexible construct, and seemed to conflict with the interpretations I have seen people provide. The reason I’m stuck on this is it seems like a long time to spend praising a God that isn’t my idea of God. The Rabbi also ended with a sermon that implied it also wasn’t his idea of God.

Is this a common feeling?

Does it sound like I should try a reform synagogue?

Would you like me to make like a tree and get out of here?

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