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Do you ever feel bothered by the lack of Jewish holiday inclusion around the holidays?

I grew up with my divorced catholic father and just celebrated Christmas, most Jewish thing I did a year was have a bowl of matzah ball soup with my mothers side of the family

Now I’ve been with my Jewish girlfriend for 8 years and we just went to Israel last year and are going again soon.

I’ve stopped celebrating Christmas 2 years ago and would no longer consider myself catholic and Jewish, but just Jewish.

Recently I sold something to someone and they wished me an early merry Christmas, my father also sent me money for the holidays and wrote merry Christmas and while shopping for a used jacket the seller had “would make a great Christmas gift” in the description. These interactions made me uncomfortable for the first time ever.

I’ve never felt bothered by anything to do with Christmas before, but as the Jewish aspect of my identity develops more, this has all been starting to bother me. I wanted to tell the seller that not everyone celebrates Christmas.

I also recently noticed how there are soo many Christmas emojis on the iphone, but just one menorah to represent Hanukkah, not even a dreidel.

I asked my girlfriend how she deals with people wishing her a merry Christmas and she said she’s been used to it her whole life and has always seen it as messed up, but will just respond with either “happy holidays” or “happy Hanukkah” based on the interaction.

As holidays near, I see many stores also only decorating for Christmas. My girlfriend used to make comments about how there are no menorahs or other Jewish representation and I never understood her frustration until now.

How do you feel about this? Or are you just used to it? Any ways to make yourself feel better?

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