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Do you believe r/israelexposed is an Anti-Semitic Subreddit?

I’m aware that Shabbos is about to Happen so apologies is this is an inappropriate time. So please excuse my Inpropiety, but I have to see what others think.

So I, Reference to the Title, I’m curious to know what everyone’s opinion on this is. I hate the “antizionism is not Anti-Semitic, but we’re still going to be rigorously Anti-Semitic, but don’t call me Anti-Semitic” argument that they use. But I wouldn’t be lying to say everything on that Sub I disagree with. Particularly to do with the IDF’s treatment of a lot of Palestinian Children. But at the same time, we can’t ignore Hamas and their Terroirst actions. I used to go with the “both sides are flawed” but considering how frequently and systemically the Anti-Zioninist is, seeing the rampent anti-semitism pared with it really is an uncomfortable.

So yeah. What’s your opinion on this.

Thank you for reading:)

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