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Do people who know they are going to be called up to read from the Torah not practice?

I’m talking about laining parshas. Today for Yom Kippur, obviously there were a lot of readings. All the people that were reading knew beforehand that they would be called up to do so. Some people were very experienced and of course stumbled over a word or a trope a little bit and that is to be expected but then a couple of people could barely get through it. I realize that this is not a performance, however as a professional musician, I can’t imagine getting material beforehand, and then not practicing it before I get up in front of people.

I’m really not talking about the people that were trying their best I am more just curious if there are some people that find out they are going to read and then just wing it or what? Our community holds the space for people who are trying and I understand that for some it can be very vulnerable to be up there and powerful at the same time.

Again those are not the people I’m talking about but more the people that seem to just kind of hope for the best, but really should have at least practiced at home a little bit.

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