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Do not touch their carcasses — but why do we?

In the Torah, there are at least 3 verses about not touching the bodies of dead non-kosher animals. The clearest one is: “You shall not eat of their flesh or touch their carcasses; they are unclean for you.” (Lev 11:8), which is talking about non-kosher land animals or mammals.

Rashi on the verse says that it doesn’t apply to all Jews, just to kohanim. Let’s say Rashi is right — it only applies to kohanim.

Is this really the halacha, that kohanim are not allowed to touch the bodies of dead non-kosher land animals?

The products of non-kosher animals could be pretty much anywhere. Soap. Lotion. Clothing. Luggage. Furniture. Cars. How do people even know what items they are not allowed to touch? There is no kosher certification for non-food items.

How do people handle this verse, which seems like a clear prohibition?

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