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Do most people, especially families with kids, not attend Erev Rosh Hashanah services?

This question seems impossible to Google, so here I am writing my first-ever Reddit post.

At Conservative synagogues nowadays, do most people stay home on Erev Rosh Hashanah and not attend services? I grew up belonging to a Conservative shul, and we always went to services on Erev RH. I don’t really remember the logistics of dinner; I think we just ate really early. The synagogue was always packed on that night. I attended with my family into the mid 2000s and then moved away, so I’d attend random Hillel or nontraditional services (yet still always went on Erev RH!).

At my new synagogue (a traditional Conservative shul) on Erev RH this year, my son was the only child in the whole place. Vast empty rows all around us dotted with a person or two here and there. More people nearer the bimah (it was assigned seating), but still a very sparse crowd.

Then, both days of RH were very well attended and full of kids in the hallways and at kids’ programming.

Do most people, especially families with kids, just not attend on Erev RH anymore? I guess this question is specifically about Conservative congregations, but I am also curious about the general trend across all types of synagogues.

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