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Do Jews really want to occupy Egypt?

Ok i am not trying to be controversial here but hear me out.

I am an Egyptian and we have been taught in schools that Israel and jews dream of having borders from the nile to the Euphrates.

I just want to know what my fellow neighbors, cousins of Isaac really think?

And what’s judaism opinion about this as a religion, is their like a promise from G-d to Moses, Avraham, Isaac to proclaim this lands.

Thank for the answers in advance.


Holy moly! I am in a complete shock!

First i would like to Thank all Jewish brothers and sisters for answering so detailed and thoughtful, this has been eye opening for me and i am sure for thousands who will read this! I can’t express how grateful i am.

All i can say is their is HUGE propaganda against you and you have a very hard yet very important mission of fixing this shit and telling the world who you really are, please don’t leave people believing this shit, tell about yourself and what you believe more, I really loved reading all the comments and loved all of it.

At the end i want to say may we all as humans live in peace together, and Baruch HaShem for the chance of learning. May more and more people get to know the answer to this false questions, may more people never have the burden of living in ignorance over stupid foolish propaganda all these years! Toda for all of you!

P.S: Sorry if i used any wrong hebrew stuff i just learned these words

Edit 2:

  • Just learned it’s Sabbath, Shabbat Shalom, Pray for us while you light your candles!

  • About the mission to educate people, of course it’s not on Jews alone and i would love for everyone to participate but just an extra information i am in Egypt, a militaristic dictatorship that has hundreds of thousands in jails and like hundreds of death sentences given to people.


I am not trying to be selfish or anything but what good will i be in a body bag right?

If you can help by raising awareness in the US about how horrible the government in Egypt is, if Egypt got freedom of expression not only me but a couple more tens of thousands will be able to speak this truth and all kind of Truths, we will be able to maybe reduce death in the middle east, to save the blood of Avraham grandchildren, of all Humans literally, maybe this bloodshed needs an ending, and maybe we should be the ones that end it and end it NOW!

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