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Do Jews believe mohammad was a prophet?

Was watching this video with Rabbi Tovia Singer and this was a very shocking take for me that I hadn’t heard from any Jewish person before let alone a Rabbi. That said, he is very knowledgeable about islam it seems and has a lot of respect for them as well as certain islamic thinkers. He refers several times to one of their imams (From several centuries ago) as a “giant” and a “genius”.

If you fast forward to 31 minutes he answers the question of whether or not Jews believe mohammad was a prophet by beginning with the following thesis:

“Jews do not walk around thinking “is mohammad a prophet or not?”. In my entire life, ok, and I’ve studied all my life, at Rabbinical school, I come from the most traditional school, what’s called “black hat” world, ok? My father is a great teacher, I come from the traditional world. No one thinks that way. No Jewish brain works that way. We are not asking, “Is this person a prophet or not a prophet?”. If someone’s talking like that then I have never been part of that conversation. You can be sure we don’t talk that way”.

In your opinion then, is this accurate? Jews never even bother asking or even entertaining the question about whether or not mohammad was indeed a prophet? For me I just can’t help but feel like he’s evading the question and being as PC as possible with this answer and painting with very broad strokes… but I guess I could be wrong. At any rate, this answer just seems so strange to me.

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