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Do Jews believe in a doomsday?

Seems like both Islam and Christianity believe in a Day of Judgement or Rapture in which the sinful are punished, and the good go to heaven. Typically, anyone who doesn’t follow their respective religions will suffer.

Because these two Abrahamic religions stem from Judaism, I would assume that Judaism inspired the idea of a doomsday in some sense.

But, at least to my knowledge, I haven’t heard of such.

Do Jews believe in a doomsday?

Do Messianic Jews believe in a doomsday?

Bonus question:

Do any of you guys get super uncomfortable/scared when non-Jews tell you that, in their religion, there will be a doomsday, and all Jews will be punished (just generally anyone who isn’t their religion?

I don’t know, it’s not like they are necessarily trying to express hatred, but it is clear they are trying to scare people into following their religion. Regardless, the mere thought of it freaks me out.

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