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Do Jewish people see Christianity the same way Christians see Mormonism?

I’m a Christian but I’ve been having a little crisis of faith and issues with the New Testament. I’ve heard that in the Christian Bible meanings are changed from what is in the Torah. And not to mention that the New Testament doesn’t have the credibility initially thought.
Mormonism has many issues that are very apparent to Christians. One being that it’s an addition to the Bible; that was said to be complete, it cannot have additions. Another being that the book was supposed to be very ancient also but contains direct quotes from bibles that were from Joseph Smith himself (and any italics or formatting that was Included by publishers). This just being said to show the obvious errors that are seen within it, but Mormons do not or will not notice these errors in their faith.
Do Jewish people view Christianity in a similar way? Text was altered to have different meanings, the New Testament is quite literally an addition to the Jewish Bible, and it has Issues when looked at under scrutiny.

I’d really like the options of others and maybe that can help me with my thoughts and decisions.

Thank you!

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