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Do Jewish people believe that people of the jewish bloodline have more favor with God than those without?

If so, In Gods eyes , What makes someone of the jewish bloodline more important to him than someone who has the same beliefs but does not share the bloodline?

What are the differences in what God offers to these two groups if they were to follow the same rules, and live the same lives?

What is his reasoning behind these differences? If we are all descendants of Adam and Eve, what action happened to create dictation that one blood line is held to one standard and given one set of authority or favor, and another is given another seperate version?

What is the jewish understanding of what caused the “split” of a bloodline to jewish and not jewish?

If you believe it was the creation of the jewish culture, what evidence do you have that you arent a convert into Judaism yourself?

If you believe the jewish bloodline traces back to the beginning and this is why, wouldn’t other bloodlines just be considered jewish that lost their culture through separation, and not through differences in blood line seeing is all bloodlines are a sprout from Adam and eve?

I’m curious as to how all of this is understood by the jewish community.

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