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Do I really have to read aloud when learning Torah?

TLDR – I know that when you learn Torah, you should read the words aloud, but I find it annoying most of the time and distracting. So I’m curious for any suggestions you might have on why to read aloud, when to, what to, etc. Thanks.

When I first heard all the Halachas and sources reading out loud, I tried reading everything out loud when learning Gemara, but that made it very difficult to learn. Trying to understand the difficult words while pronouncing then was a pain. I found myself having to go through a sentence multiple times to even get a sense of what it meant, whereas when I read silently I was able to understand it much easier. So I’ve switched to a system where I learn it quietly, but when I do chazara I read aloud. I never read commentators aloud. But, I thought I should get a second opinion: People who’ve learned Gemara, do you find reading aloud helpful, and in what ways? How much of it do you need to read aloud for (just in chazara, whenever reading the Gemara words, when reading commentators as well, etc.). And how far reaching is the requirement? What about an English article about, say, the parsha? What about Tanach in general?

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