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Do I have an obligation to speak lashon hara about a relative by marriage if they disrespected a family member by blood?

Recently a relative (let’s call him Bob) by marriage disrespected my grandmother and I thought about saying something to my grandfather (let’s call him Alex) for the sake of respecting/keeping the honor of my grandmother/ his wife. The basic story is as follows: Alex and Bob don’t really like each other but they tolerate each other when they’re with each other. There is some petty drama between the two regarding birthday celebrations and balloons (the history of this drama isn’t really important) and there was an agreement that whenever there are birthday celebrations at Alex’s sauna in his house, there would be no balloons. Earlier this week was Alex’s birthday, the celebration was at his house, and there were balloons. I and 2 other people were a part of a conversation in the sauna where he complained about the balloons and how this is messed up, he then vulgarly insulted my grandmother because according to him she’s the one who bought the balloons. I told him not to say that as we were leaving the sauna and then repeated myself because I don’t think he heard me, he looked at me the 2nd time I said it but he didn’t respond to me.

I considered telling my grandpa about what Bob said about my grandma, but I wasn’t sure if it was permissible for me to do so. I’m sure this is going to be an “ask your rabbi” post, but wanted to hear other people’s opinion since I won’t be able to get an answer from my rabbi till motzei Shabbat. My purpose of telling my grandpa (or grandma) is for the honor of my grandma, whether Bob will be allowed in the Sauna or not anymore is up to my grandpa, but that’s not what concerns me. I also do not plan on exaggerating the story, I pretty just want to tell my grandparents what was said about my grandma. Also, this will probably create more fighting between the two sides of the family because Bob is Alex’s nephew’s father in law. Would love to hear people’s opinions on the matter, thank you and Shabbat Shalom!

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