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Do I have a place in this sub?

Hi there, I’m a gentile who has grown up atheist but I’ve recently come to find God and commit to following the 7 laws that have been put forth for me. I believe in God and believe in the Torah, but I am not Jewish and recognize that I am still a stranger from outside the Jewish nation. For that reason I don’t want to be here if I would be intruding into a space I am not meant to be in, but I’m conflicted because I do also want a space where I’m able to discuss my beliefs and experiences with God.

TLDR: I’m a Noahide, I’d like to join this sub but I’d like to know from you guys if this would be the right place for me, and that I’m not intruding.

I have also been pretty strongly considering going behind just noahidism, I just don’t think I’m at a point in my life where I’m able to make such a large commitment though (I’m only 19)

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