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Do any resources exist which show that Mashiach ben Efrayim/ben Yosef would separate or be raised under paganism? Please share sources of information with me & links – thank you

One of the main reasons I address this is in regards to “yet he did not know Me” saying “I have raised you for the sake of my servant Jacob (or Israel).” Thus Mashiach would have to be, physically, of non-Jewish origin – just like Cyrus was, who was also “His Mashiach.” Please keep objective to this observation in your answers… Does any material exist saying Efrayim or his descendants would venture into paganism? Anything showing how they did? Several Christian and theological papers suggest that Efrayim descended to Britain thus satisfying “His descendants shall become a multitude of nations.”

Likewise, if this understanding of “His descendants shall become a multitude of nations” is valid, then it would explain how Mashiach would come from a pagan-dominant environment while “not knowing Him.” It would also explain how Mashiach would “come from the West” but “rise in the East” by “calling upon His Name.” Several other references suggest that the process is progressive and that while he was in the east, he would learn, and from such grow closer to Him and from that would Call upon His Name.

The prior paragraph also aligns with Kol HaTor 1’s clarification that Mashiach’s revelations would be “gradual” and that this form of progress (gradual) would be due to the obstacles placed by the Sitra Achra – Qelipot/the world of Tohu.

Soooo..can anyone share any sources?

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